The Battle of Green Talent takes place in three major phases. Registrations will open on 18 October 2021. The online competition is played in four consecutive rounds. In the end, the finalists will face each other in the grand finale at the closing event!

Curious how the competition works and what you can expect?

Below, you can find all the necessary information to get you ready for the start.

The concept


The online entrepreneurship competition brings together students and professionals in a semi-virtual start-up scene. Different participants take up different roles. There will be entrepreneurs, talents, investors and advisors.

In the Battle of Green Talent, participants interact anonymously to ensure everyone can behave in a risk-free environment. No need to worry whether feedback comes from peers, professors or professionals. Make sure to choose a cool nickname without revealing your real identity!

Terms & conditions

Battle of Talents understands the importance of intellectual property. You can consult the Terms & Conditions here. Every participant has to agree with these terms upon registration to the competition.

Registration phase

Start: 18 October 2021

During this phase, students enrolled at participating universities and business schools can register for the Battle of Green Talent. 

Once registered and validated by the Battle of Green Talent team, you will be able to complete your profile and will have the opportunity to already get a glimpse of the competition. As of then, you're ready to get started. 

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Online entrepreneurship competition

Start: 1 November 2021

In this phase of the competition, entrepreneurs launch their ventures and develop their business plans. Specific questions will guide them through an iterative process of elaborating and refining the plan. Ventures will proceed through four virtual capital rounds, in accordance with the process start-ups go through in reality. If entrepreneurs feel they need some help, they can always ask others (talents) to join their team. Talents themselves can also apply to join and co-develop a venture.

In the first three capital rounds, investors scan the different business plans, give the teams constructive feedback, and reward good ideas with virtual investments. And as of round 2, experienced advisors will join the competition to guide the teams, and provide valuable feedback.


Final event

Date: 28-29 April 2022, 
during the EIT InnoEnergy CONNECT event

 Battle of Green Talent will end with a climax during the EIT InnoEnergy Final Event.


The ventures with the highest share price after Round 3 will have the opportunity to compete for exceptional prizes, and pitch their venture in front of a distinguished jury.

Note: the event will be organized in accordance with covid19 mitigation measures. The pitches will be organized live and/or digitally.