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How to participate in the Battle of Green Talent

The Battle of Green Talent unites students and professionals with an entrepreneurial mindset. The role you can take in the initiative depends on the study program you are enrolled in.

Participate as an entrepreneur

Launch a venture to go from business idea to a start-up ready to take off! 
For EIT InnoEnergy Year 2 Master and PhD students & Alumni

Do you have a new and innovative business idea, and do you dream about starting your own company? Join as an entrepreneur, and launch your own venture!

Benefit from being part of a European-wide entrepreneurial ecosystem to test the attractiveness of your business idea. Experienced advisors and investors from all over Europe will support you in the development of your venture.


Feel you can use some help? Attract talents with complementary skills, they can help you bring your plan to the next level!

Compete with other entrepreneurs for the highest share price, by convincing investors to invest their virtual capital in your venture. If you make it to the top ventures with the highest share prices, you will have the unique opportunity to pitch your idea in front of a distinguished jury at the Final Event. You will then compete for an exceptional prize package

Ready to dive into this magical world full of opportunities? Shall we already start dreaming about the next unicorn?

Meet Up

Participate as a talent

Identify promising start-ups and share your expertise!
Startup Team
For all Master students

Battle of Green Talent offers you the opportunity to get immersed in a real entrepreneurial environment and witness how business ideas evolve into promising start-ups.

But even more, gain real hands-on entrepreneurial experience! Maybe YOU have the skills entrepreneurs are looking for?

Do you want to share your expertise and become part of a team? Join the initiative to browse through the ventures. Figure out which profiles the teams are looking for, or apply to join your favorite team. Get connected, bring your team to the top, and win this year's competition with your team!

Participate as an investor

Always dreamt of acting like a venture capitalist? 
For students of participating business schools (investors)

In the Battle of Green Talent, investors play the role of true venture capitalists. As an investor, you evaluate the teams’ business plans and reward good ventures with virtual investments, feedback & coaching.


Your job is to boost your favorite ventures to the top by sharing your knowledge and investing your virtual money. Do you have that special gut feeling? Can you spot the diamonds in the rough?


Make sure you invest in the right ventures to ensure a good return on investment because this will take you to the top of the competition. The power investors who end the online competition with the most profitable investment portfolio, will win an exceptional prize package!

Analyzing Graphs
Young Business Colleagues

Participate as an advisor

Are you passionate about bringing start-ups to a higher level?

At EIT InnoEnergy, we have the honour to collaborate with experienced and distinguished professionals, venture capitalists and CEOs in our network.

Interested in joining the network as an advisor? Send us an e-mail.

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