Bringing business ideas for a sustainable energy future to life

The online entrepreneurship game by EIT InnoEnergy 

The Battle of Green Talent offers you the unique opportunity to get immersed in an online entrepreneurial ecosystem. It is an entrepreneurship game free of charge, with the goal to bring innovative ideas for sustainable energy to life. During this 6 month competition, EIT InnoEnergy students transform their bright ideas into promising businesses, surrounded by talents, virtual investors, and advisors. 

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Welcome to the Battle of Green Talent

Join the final event!

8 April, 2021, 15:00 - 17:00
The TOP 5 teams have a chance to pitch their sustainable start-up projects in front of a selected jury, and compete for the grand prizes! Join the final event to co-decide on the public's favourite award, to see which venture walks away with the grand prize, and to learn which investor was the best at evaluating the start-ups!
Online event

In which stage of the competition are we?

Multiple tens of ventures are competing for the grand prize of the Battle of Green Talent! They iteratively improve their pitch and business plan through several rounds, with the goal to attract virtual financing from the investors in the game.
Currently, we are in the third round of the game, in which the venture teams are fine-tuning their business plans. They have time until 15 March, 17:00 CET to finalise their one-pagers and attract (for the last time) as many investments as possible to obtain that coveted place in the final.  
Only the top 5 ventures will proceed to the final round, so the competition is getting heated! And only the top 3 investors will compete for the grand prize, so stay tuned!
Countdown till last investment round!

The entrepreneurial ecosystem

Battle of Green Talent brings four important roles together
01 /

EIT InnoEnergy

Year 2 & PhD students

Launch your own venture
Invite talents to your team
Collect the most virtual capital
Turn your idea into reality!

02 / 

EIT InnoEnergy Year 1 students
& students participating universities

Evaluate the ideas
Apply to join a team
Share your expertise
Help your team to the top!

03 /

Business school students

Evaluate the ideas

Invest virtual money

Send valuable feedback

Predict the market and win!

04 /

Experienced professionals,
venture capitalists & CEOs

Scan the ideas

Challenge the business cases

Share your expertise

Help your teams to the top!


Participating universities and business schools

Entrepreneurs & talents

More to come


Proudly sponsored by

ENGIE is a proud Gold sponsor of the Battle of Green Talent 2020 edition. As a sponsor and advisor, ENGIE is supporting the entrepreneurial ambitions of hundreds of students.

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